Understanding Medical Device Regulatory Pathway in Philippines

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USD 450.00

USD 450.00

This training course describes the general pathway for regulatory framework and medical device registration in Philippines.
The course begins with an overview of the regulatory pathway in Philippines with an emphasis on the current system and the impending implementation of the new regulations by the authorities.

We work through the basics of each step of the licensing and product registration process and explain how medical device dossiers are compiled to conform to Philippine regulations and are submitted manually for approval to the Food and Drug Administration. The execution of all work within the main workflow will be covered with details of tasks, timelines and costs.

The course will provide you with a good insight into the Philippine regulatory system and sound knowledge of registration.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understanding the regulatory framework in Philippines
  • Understanding the general pathway for medical device registration in Philippines

Who Should Enroll: 

Regulatory Affairs, Local Authorized Representative, Medical Device Manufacturers, Medical Device Distributors, Healthcare Professionals, Medical Device Practitioners, Investors in Medical Device Sector

Full Rebate from Us!

If you engage Andaman Medical within 1 year for regulatory services such as product registration and local representation in Philippines, the payment for this program will be offset against any future invoices.

Melody Quebec 

Melody Quebec is a regulatory consultant in Andaman Medical Philippines Corporation with thorough knowledge of Medical Device regulations, specialized in licensing & product registrations for medical devices in Philppines.

Melody Quebec is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. She is a licensed pharmacist in the Philippines with 14 years of regulatory compliance experience in Food, Cosmetics, Medical Devices and Drugs where scientific, technological or professional knowledge of pharmacy is applied. Likewise, she is also experienced in dealing with other Philippine government regulatory agencies such as SRA, SEC, IPO, PDEA-DDB, DENR & NTC.

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Duration: 60 mins
Released On: 09/20/2019
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